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PINGLINE is now bookmarked for my techie items-Kurt

     I wanted to write you a little note on how great it was to work with Ryan. I tried to find a stylus / pen through 10 different companies, and I ... more info

You (PINGLINE) Are great vendor - Brian, AIA

     The real measure of a company is what they do when there is a problem.  Thanks for being a great ... more info

You (PINGLINE) Are My New FAVORITE Company -DeAnn

    We have a small quote we are working on and since you are my new FAVORITE company I was hoping you have something similar. ... more info

You guys have a great reputation here at Creative!

    You guys have a great reputation here at Creative!   Dosa Myers Creative Promotional Products   Feb 15, 2011   About PINGLINE PINGLINE is ... more info

You always make me look good!-Amanda

    “THANK YOU!!  You always make me look good! “ Amanda -Drive Sportswear ... more info

Customer First & Technology Class- ASI#:299957

    “5*.Deliver everytime, bend over backwards to please. Experts in their field & stand behind their commitment(s). Thank you! Macgill P2B.”   ... more info

Excellent Quality and Reasonable Price -ASI# 317105

    "   5*. If you need electronic items, this is the company to call. They will find you the right product at the best price. Csv is always ... more info


    "I WILL DEFINITELY USE YOU AGAIN!" - CONNIE S&S August 6, 2010 About PINGLINE PINGLINE is quite simply, YOUR ONE STOP TECH SHOP. They are one of the ... more info

PINGLINE is wonderful! - Candice Miller

    "   Ping (line) is wonderful!   "   - Candice Miller    ASI# 111774    July 20, 2010   About PINGLINE PINGLINE is ... more info


    "...I choose PINGLINE! Your customer service is over the TOP! are an A+"   ... more info

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